Dan Johnson Artist
My name is Dan Johnson
Art has been my passion for well over 4 decades. Even before this artistic pursuits in different forms have guided and influenced my life. I taught myself to play the guitar as a teen, and hearing the Beach Boys in High School, I grabbed a surfboard and headed to the beach. Becoming one with a wave as it dances its way to the shore, was an art that captivated all my senses. Sitting by a campfire after a full day of surfing, I'd play my guitar as the sun set behind the oceans horizon. The amazing beauty of this magical world we live upon always called to me.

When I was very young I was complemented on my ability to draw. The feeling that art was something that I could do stuck with me. Life happened and I got a job in steel construction. The army happened and of course there was always the need to make a living. In my early thirties I met someone who was taking art in college. Seeing their art I began drawing again. Each drawing I did seemed to come out better and better. Before long someone asked to buy something I created. Being an artist started to be more than a fantasy. I had a long way to go, but my path was set. It was and is a journey that I followed then and now.